National Conifer Week

Conifers are an excellent way of adding colour and shape to your garden – and because the vast majority are evergreen, the results will be everlasting!

Here at Park Garden Centres we want to show you the amazing choice of different shades, shapes and sizes ranging from tiny dwarfs to magnificent trees.
It is obviously important to choose the right site and if you are unsure of where to plant a conifer then just give us a call or pop in and we will help.
Once you have chosen the right site, most conifers are easy to look after, requiring only a little pruning and watering. They are generally pretty disease resistant and just need a little loving care during really cold spells.

With Year-round colour, fascinating forms, easy to care for and great with other plants National Conifer week is the perfect opportunity for you to see why a conifer would be an excellent edition to your garden!
From a small balcony with room for a tub, to acres of grounds with space for an arboretum, conifers can add something truly special to any garden.
Planted in the autumn, conifers offer a way to add something new and interesting to the garden at a traditionally quiet time.

For more information, why not pop in-store and see our range and varieties this week!

Posted: 01/10/2010 12:54:25 by Richard Truscott

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