Striking in the garden this November

Remember not everything will flower straight away.  Now is the perfect time to prepare for spring and we have some great products available throughout November.

Daffodils and Narcissus
We have a fantastic selection of daffodils and narcissus at the moment that will give you a massive display of bright yellow flowers next spring and now is the best time to plant them.

Some of my favourites include daffodil Camelot,Cyclopes,Carlton and the double Golden Ducat
And Narcissus Tete^Tete,Rip Van Winkle (double) and the very early flowering February Gold.there are many other brilliant varieties available in all shapes and sizes.
Daffodils and Narcissus are easy to grow and theres a variety for every garden from a window box in a flat to mass planting in large wooded gardens also brilliant for kids to have a go at getting there hands dirty in the garden and learning how things grow, I know my kids love it!!

Jasminum nudiflorum (Winter Jasmine)
A very popular shrub useally grown as a climber/wall shrub requires training as it does not actually twine like other jasmine,the stems are very dense and give the impression that it is evergreen,even in winter when the tiny bright yellow flowers appear in there thousands covering the whole plant. Very hardy and easy to grow in full sun or partial shade in most soil conditions. Regular pruning prevents the plant from becoming to woody and encourages flowering.

Choisya Ternata – Sundance

A very popular evergreen shrub thats is low maintenance.It has bright yellow foliage and scented white flowers in early summer and sometimes again in autumn,height and spread is approx 5ft but can be pruned or containerized to keep in check.Best in full sun or partial shade with well drained soil happy in acidic,chalky or alkaline.

Eica Arborea Alberts Gold – Tree Heather
Evergreen spring flowering compact tree heather with stunning gold foliage especially vibrant during winter months,masses of white slightly scented flowers are produced around may time.height 5-6ft and best in full sun and well drained neutral-acid soil.

For any other help why not pop in and see me at Lechlade Garden Centre…

See you soon

Simon Burbage
Planteria Manager
Lechlade Garden Centre

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