Our top tips for choosing and hanging your Christmas lights

If you want to put your lights outside make sure you do buy lights suitable for outdoor use. Lights certified for outdoor use are made to withstand cold and wet conditions.  Why not have a look at our Snowtime 150 Colour Changing Connectable Super Bright Lights

Outdoor lights should not be used indoors unless they are suitable for use in both.  A selection of our indoor and outdoor use lights can be be seen at www.parkgardencentres.co.uk

When putting lights on your tree, getting the balance can always be difficult.  Around 50 lights per 30cm (1 ft) of Christmas tree is a good guide, but it is of course up to you.

If you are trying to keep your tree from looking to busy, why not try our Snowtime 150 Colour Changing Connectable Super Bright Lightsto get a more traditional feeling tree. Our coloured lights allows you to not have as many other decorations.

If you are looking for a more contemporary look for your tree, choosing clear, white or one colour lights will add a stylish look.  Our Snowtime 80 Multi-Function LED Lights will make a great addition this Christmas.

We have a selection of more novelty lights to wow the children with this Christmas.  Novelty lights are a great choice to add to the festive spirit to any room or tree.

An important tip when putting up your tree is to ensure you have access to the plug points.  The last thing you want is leads draping all across the floor.

Also check that all your lights are working properly before putting them on the tree.  We all know how tricky it can be to take them off after you realise!

Lights are not just for the tree, why not try some of our Snowtime Snowfall Effect 180 LED Icicle Lights to brighten up your windows or add lights to your garlands, door frames and fireplaces.  Be creative this Christmas.

Lastly,  remember to put your lights back neatly.  The last thing you want to be doing is untangling them for hours.  Then Store them in a dry space and wait for next year!

Don’t forget to get in touch if you need any further tips or advice.

Speak Soon

Richard Truscott

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