National Nest Box Week

National Nest Box Week is great for birds. Starting on St Valentine’s Day, it’s the time we remind ourselves to provide homes for dozens of species, from Blue Tits to Barn Owls.

Here are our tips for buying a nest box this February

Your nest box should be made from an insulating material such as wood or a special waterproof wood/concrete compound.  The type of wood used to make a box is not critical, however woods such as Cedar, Oak or beech will outlive their softwood conteparts.

The thickness of the wood is also very important.  Nest boxes or houses should not be less than 15mm thick and ideal should be around 18-19mm.  You can also treat your wooden box, but make sure you use a non-toxic and water-based treatment!

The main point in having a nest box is to create a habitat for birds to survive during our long cold winters.  Buying a ceramic box may look nice but they can be dangerous for the chicks due to the nature of the ceramic getting too hot and too cold.  Best to stick to wood!

The size of the hole is also important, but it is very much dependent on the size of birds and varieties that you get in your gardens.  If you see an abundance of sparrows and tits in your garden then choosing a nest box with an entrance hole with a 32mm diameter would be advisable.  And, if you want to restrict the box to Blue tits a smaller entrance of around 26mm would be good.

The overall size of the box is also important, too small and the birds will not leave so many eggs. If you need any help or advise when choosing your nesting box please give us a call or pop in and ask.

We have a selection of nesting boxes on our website but we have many more instore, pop in today to find out more.

See you soon
Park Garden Centres

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