Choosing your seeds!

Choosing seeds for the coming year should be an enjoyable process! I thoroughly enjoy browsing the isles looking for that explosion of colour or the perfect summer vegetables! Whether you are looking for a new type of tomato, a stunning new pepper or trying to grow your biggest and best sunflower, don’t be put off by the huge varieties available.

People do tend to get put off the price of seeds with the proviso that if they don’t work it will feel like a waste of money! But don’t think like that, growing seeds is a challenging and rewarding experience. You are not going to get it right 100% of the time, but remember it is about the enjoyment and satisfaction of growing your own.

Choosing seed is too enjoyable to be limited solely by price or the quantity in a packet.  You are buying the vision, the anticipation of something new, a unique flavor or an interesting yet varied variety.

You should also grow what you like and also what will keep if you get a glut of vegetables. Staples such as carrots, onions, parsnips and potatoes are a great starting point. But they do take up a lot of room for storage and growth. Ensure that when purchasing your seeds that they are suited to your soil type.

If you have a small space why not purchase a vegetable planter and try planting beans, tomatoes or peppers. They are very productive in a smaller areas.

Remember to try and plant something to last all year round. Winter crops such as leeks and kale are particularly harder and very welcome in the colder months.

Products like Lettuce, beetroot, sprouting broccoli and turnips may exceed your capacity to eat many before they grow too large.

If you are finding that you have a huge surplus of vegetables. Why not share your produce with neighbours and friends to help them get the grow your own bug!!

Happy Gardening!
Park Planteria Department

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