James’ Greenhouse Diary – Week Three

Seed Potatoes

This week I have started by planting my seed potatoes. To plant these I have put 2-3 inches of compost in the bottom of a potato grow bag, I then placed 3 seed potatoes on top of the compost which I then covered over with more compost, just enough though to hide them. I will continue this every time a shoot appears.

I have been asked this week to try out tomato grow pots in the grow bags. This allows the tomato to grow a much larger root system. I have also had to start pinching out the side shoots.

This week my experiment with surestart and normal John Innes No.1 compost is showing that the seeds planted in the surestart are germinating about a day faster but are developing much quicker too.

Monday 28th March

·  Planted seed potatoes – second early, wilja.
·  Prepared tubs for melons and cucumbers.

Tuesday 29th March

·  Started pinching outside shoots on tomatoes – Big Boy and Shirley.
·  Habenero seeds have started germinating – only one seed so far.

Wednesday 30th March

· Re-planted tomatoes in grow pots in grow bags.

Friday 1st April

·  Planted a cucumber – Femspot variety.
·  Put another covering of compost over the seed potatoes.

Sunday 3rd April

·  Sunflowers have grown to 2.5 inches.
·  8 Asparagus peas in surestart have germinated.
·  6 Asparagus peas in John Innes No.1 have germinated.
·  Cape Gooseberry plants have germinated in both composts, however the ones in surestart compost are developing faster.
·  Tomato Big Boy started trying to flower.

Lechlade Planteria



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