James’ Greenhouse Diary – Week Four

This week with the weather being unusually warm everything is really starting to take off. My cucumber has gone from being 6inches in height to over a foot tall; as it gets taller I will train it to grow across one side of the greenhouse. My tomatoes also have taken off really well, I have to check Shirley and big boy daily now for side shoots and flowers so that I can pinch them out. I only have to do this on these two varieties as gardeners delight does not need it done.

This week I have also by request planted an Erin echo pot to trial, as this is becoming more popular item I’m just going to see how well they work, in these packs 1 large echo pot a packet off seeds a pack of compost and a germination pot, I have planted about half of the seeds in the germination pot to see what happens.

So far as of yet the Brussels sprout seeds I have planted only 4 of the 40 that I planted have germinated.


· Planted up a Erin echo pot with sweet peppers
· Watered


· Weeded through carrot seeds
· Plug plants have doubled in size


· Pinched out flowers and side shoots on tomatoes Shirley and big boy
· 3rd covering of compost over potatoes


· Left vents open over night as it was so hot


· Tomato Gardeners delight has started to flower


· 4th covering of compost over potatoes
· Cucumber has produced next set of leaves

Lechlade Planteria

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