James’ Greenhouse Diary – Week Five


To start this week off I decided to plant onion sets as I have never had any success with them in the past, I have planted them in one of the large troughs just outside my greenhouse I planted them 1 inch in depth just so the top is covered. Hopefully with a bit of help and advice from my colleagues this year I will get some good results.

I have also decided this week to try my luck with growing a melon, this like the cucumber I will train to grow across the other side of the greenhouse.

I also ended the week with some good results the Erin echo pot that I planted with peppers have started to germinate, it has worked really well with 9 out of 10 seeds having germinated.

Hopefully with the weather staying nice we should start seeing some great results in the coming weeks.

Monday 11th April

· Finished planting on sunflowers.
· Planted onion sets into troughs outside.
· 5th covering on potatoes.

Tuesday 12th April

· Put canes in to support the tomato plants.

Wednesday 13th April

· Planted Melons
· 6th covering on potatoes.

Friday 15th April

· Planted cut and come again lettuce.

Sunday 17th April

· 1st signs of peppers germinating.

Lechlade Planteria

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