James’ Greenhouse Diary – Week Six

This week has started with some great results the melon plant has really taken off I have had to cane it to begin training it to grow up the side of my greenhouse, I have also done this with the cucumber which is now nearly at the right height to start training across the length of the greenhouse, next week I will build the supports for training them both.

Also this week the onion sets that I planted have also already started to shoot – fingers crossed.

The brussels plants this week were ready to be re-potted for this I asked a colleague to help me with this as he said he had a good technique on how to do this, to start with he prepared all the larger pots, he then pinched one of the plants out being gentle not to damage the roots. Then as a preference he pinched the two lowest leaves of, and then he placed the plant in the new pot pushing it in right up to the heart of the plant making sure that the heart isn’t covered by compost (where the new leaves come from).

Now that things are taking off its now important to keep an eye on how things are developing and keeping a good eye out for any pests that need to be dealt with.

Monday 18th April

· Caned melon plant

Tuesday 19th April

· First signs of onion sets shooting

Wednesday 20th April

· Planted spring onions

Friday 22nd April

· Cucumber started flowering
· Potted on brussels plants

Saturday 23rd April

· Potatoes reached the top of the bag

Lechlade Planteria

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