James’ Greenhouse Diary – Week Ten

To start this week off I did a bit of research on melon plants as I was curious to find out why it hadn’t started producing any fruit, as there was plenty of flowers but never any fruit, in my research I found that for the plant to produce fruit I would need to hand pollinate for best results. You can allow bees to pollinate for you but this doesn’t always guarantee best results. The plant develops the female flowers on its side shoots so it is key to allow these to grow and be trained.

This week also I noticed a lot of white fly on my cucumber, to deal with this I used provado ultimate bug killer, this is a systemic based insecticide used to kill most common pest. As its systemic it is designed to give plants protection for up to 6 weeks. As a prevention I have also sprayed my tomatoes and melon.
I have also picked my first cucumber this week unfortunately this was due to it being snapped off (not sure how). I decided to share it around to see what people thought, everyone really enjoyed it unfortunately though it was slightly under ripe, so it was slightly tough.

Monday 16th May

· Planted up 2nd trough as a herb garden

Tuesday 17th May

· Planted leeks
· Pinched side shoots off of tigerella

Wednesday 18th May

· Researched melon plant care
· Started training side shoots of melon

Thursday 19th may

· Planted on rest of peppers
· Picked first cucumber

Friday 20th May

· Next feed of Tomorite to Melon, Tomatoes and Cucumber.
· Sprayed with provado
· Cropped spinach

Lechlade Planteria

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