James’ Greenhouse Diary – Week Eleven

This week I decided to take a step back and watch what was going on, with everything growing well there really hasn’t been much to do. It is important now though that I keep up with the watering as plants like the cucumber can really suffer badly, I have also been advised to keep the humidity up as this will help the plants as well. The tomatoes also have come a long way with all of them developing fruit. Hopefully soon we will be picking a lot more fruit.

My experiment with the sure start seeds also is working really well with all the carrots now come up we can see a big difference between the two different types, the sure start seeds have come along much faster developing much better carrots, the normal seeds are not that far behind but have not developed that fast and the carrots are not as big,

In the next couple of weeks I will be looking at planting plants that help deter pest such as aphids, white fly etc,.

Friday 26th May

· Next feed of Tomorite for tomatoes melon and cucumber

Lechlade Planteria

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