James’ Greenhouse Diary – June/July Summary

With the month of June having been quiet I decided to leave my blog for the month, with the weather being so up and down constantly my fruit and veg has come along in leaps and bounds. I have been able to start cropping a lot of the produce. Throughout the month I have kept up with all my usual jobs such as watering, feeding, weeding and general checks on the plants for any problems.

My cucumber, which started really well has produced a few cucumbers which I managed to eat and there are plenty more on the way. I was really disappointed though to notice that the fruit started going yellow and shrivelling up. I spoke to my colleagues as I wasn’t sure of the reasons for this – they advised that it was due to lack of regular watering, they also advised I keep the greenhouse humid. Over the month I lost all the fruit. but the plant has now started producing more side shoots with fruit on.

As for Tomatoes, Shirley and Gardeners Delight have also been producing plenty of fruit which I have also been cropping regularly, tigerella has started producing fruit but none are quite ready to try.

I have been really disappointed with my melon plant as so far it hasn’t done anything. After talking to several people about this I learnt that due to the weather being so unpredictable, a lot of people were struggling to grow them. I have also learnt that the female flower only opens for one day, this means that to cross pollinate you have to be very quick.

The vegetables that have been planted outside in the planters have all done very well, I was able to crop my potatoes which I got a very good crop from and they also tasted great. I am also cropping the cut-and-grow lettuces as and when I need them.

Lechlade Planteria

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