Name That Chicken!

Cheddar Garden Centre needs your help to name their three new pet Pekin Bantams, one boy a cuckoo-coloured cockerel and two girls, black frizzle hens.

The cockerel is quite a little character and can be seen entertaining the crowds with his strutting about and Flamenco dancing.  The two hens can be best described as looking like a couple of animated feather dusters!  Now is your opportunity to help Cheddar Garden Centre out by naming their new pets.

“Our Pekins have been an excellent addition to the garden centre, however we haven’t named them yet and we want our customers to help us name them,” said Adam Ballard, Pet and Aquatics Manager at Cheddar Garden Centre

Customers young and old are invited to email, facebook, tweet or pick up an entry form instore with their name suggestions for the 3 Pekins with the winning entries each receiving a £10 gift voucher to spend at one of our three stores.

Click here to go to our facebook page now

“We will announce the winners of the competition on the 25th August at our Cheddar Store.  Whether you can think of one name or three, a prize is on offer for each name”! added Adam.

Pekin Bantams are available to buy at Cheddar Garden Centre and poultry at its sister sites in Almondsbury and Lechlade.  They make entertaining and endearing pets, and are a gardeners friend as they can help control garden pests – and of course they will reward you with fresh eggs!

For more information on buying and caring for your Pekin Bantams please enquire at our Pets Department on 01934 745200 or to enter our competition visit the Park Garden Centres Facebook page or email your suggestions to

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