James’ Greenhouse Diary – Strange Fruit and Vegetables

To kick-start I have finally had some success growing onions out of the eight onion sets that I planted. All eight have produced a good sized onion, once the outer layer had started to dry.

I was advised to take the green growth about an inch from the onion and fold it over towards the other row then do the same to the other side so that they overlap. This will cause the green growth to start dying. In the space of three weeks the potatoes have already come along really well being halfway up the bags now. I have continued to cover them up each time to hopefully produce a good crop of potatoes. The potatoes are meant to be ready for Christmas.

Strange vegetables

Three Fingered Carrot

The first lot of chillies is finally starting to ripen so it won’t be long now before we can start trying them.

Throughout the weeks I have also been noticing some strange fruit and vegetables, in particular the carrots one of which had three carrots coming from one seed. I have been taking pictures off these as I have been going. Check out our blog next week to see the strange fruit and vegetable photos.


Lechlade Planteria

If you are interested in Allotment diaries, photographs and advice about growing vegetables you can also look at  Allotment Vegetable Growing.

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