The Good Effect of Gardening on Children

A Telegraph article has been celebrating the effect of gardening on children, encouraging them to eat healthier and develop a nurturing mentality.

“Astonishing things have been happening in and around our fridge in recent weeks. Crumpled plastic sandwich bags crammed with curly lettuce leaves, rocket or radishes have been appearing on the top shelf and, within a matter of hours, disappearing again.”

The author states that although there is no mystery- these home grown vegetables have been eaten – what is extraordinary is that they have been eaten by her 10-year-old daughter who never normally likes salad. And she is not alone; her entire school class is getting into gardening and enjoying the produce of their labour.

The effect of gardening on children

Gardening has been shown to have a good effect on children.

Britain has always been a nation which is mad about gardening, but as the gardening guru Alan Titchmarsh recently stated, the government needs to do more to convince children and parents that gardening is a serious and valuable career.

Other high-profile campaigners for gardening are the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, the ex-wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie, Jo Wood, and of course Prince Charles. Gardening is also being championed by big business in the form of The Sun newspaper, Asda, Honda and Waitrose.

Paul Clarke, professor of education at St Mary’s University College, London, was quoted by the Telegraph as saying. “40% of children who leave primary school have no idea where even the most basic fruit and vegetables come from; what’s grown in the UK and what is imported.”

“Gardening gives children an understanding of, and a connectedness with, the natural environment and the cycles of nature. Growing things also gives them an insight into managing resources, especially water, much more thoughtfully and efficiently.”

At Park Garden Centres we strongly agree with this sentiment. That is why
Almondsbury Garden Centre
recently provided £200 worth of plants for grounds development and rented an allotment for the Almondsbury C of E Primary School.

To make the school garden project even more exciting we got television gardener Charlie Dimmock and builder Tommy Walsh to cut the ribbon in a surprise visit, and also invited these celebrity gardeners to share their wealth of knowledge with our gardening club. If you would like more advice about how to get your children into gardening, pop into our garden centres today.

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